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What I'm Consuming, Fall 2021

Ted Lasso, Season 2

I guess a lot of the internet has said that this show is not as good as last season. It's not novel and new, but the story is just as good. There are relevant themes such as mental health. The Christmas episode is one of the best ever. As a fellow pushover, I related to the episode where Nathan has to command more authority.

Nine Perfect Strangers

The book was better, but the show is amusing. It was surprisingly well cast except for Kate Winslet. She's just not what I had imagined for the most important character.

F1: Drive to Survive, Season 2

This show and my coworkers have both turned me into an F1 person. This show got better in season 2 - they've focused on the intensity of this sport.

Never Have I Ever

Mindy Kaling is great. The quips and stories on this show are great. The story is a bit predictable, but it feels very relevant for society today. Davi, the main character, has a Liz Lemon but a teenager feel to her character. It's charming and funny.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Season 8

Last year, after the police protests and brutality incidents involving George Floyd and others, the cast decided to rethink things this season. There are more themes about doing what is right, the balance between communities and policing, and racism in policing. It's been nice, and the show is still really funny. I'm sure some will accuse the show of being too woke, but I think they found a good balance.

Only Murders in the Building

My spouse starting watching this and instantly fell in love. It may be an entry into getting her into more Martin Short and Steve Martin stuff, but even if not, this is a fun show. It's less about the murder mystery, and more just about telling the story about people discovering technology and doing something over their heads.


This is a great documentary about the late Formula One great. I'm new to the sport and didn't know a lot about him, so this was a great story. I can understand why so many love him, and why he is so revered. His life story does put into perspective how dangerous F1 racing is every week. This documentary puts into perspective how life itself is very fragile.


This story is very altered from the book. Drawn out with romance and violence. I'm waiting to see where it goes. It is still more about the story than the characters, but somewhat less so than the books, which were more about the principles and societal patterns.

A Different Dawn, by Isabella Maldonado

The second of a crime series, the real twist of this book comes about halfway through. I read the whole book in a few days, it was quite a page turner.

Lupin, Part 2

This show is a page turner. I love this french show. Arsene Lupin is a tricky person in the books - and while the character in the show is the same trickster, the show itself tricks you into missing the plot twists within.


Alex started watching this without me. It's a really great view into how it literally costs more to be poor. I think that we don't realize how hard life is for people unlike us. I have a huge amount of sympathy for the character on the show - for all that she's gone through, and all that she stands for. I see a little in myself in her, of not really feeling like you're a product of your surroundings, but knowing you belong there all the same.


Instantly a top 10 movie for me, it feels. I loved the book. The acting is good, and it is true to the book in that it keeps the important parts, and even where it skips details from the book, it incorporates the ideas into the movie in a meaningful way. If there's anything to knock against it, it's that it feels too easy - like I should have imagined it this way all along.

Mad Maxx, Fury Road

After watching Dune, I was more than curious to watch this movie. It's weird that it's Rated R? The characters were great, the story was simple, yet so well done. And I cannot get enough of the dude on the guitar.

New Girl

This is our timeless watch for now. The show is great, the characters are solid, and the writing is great.

Red Notice

Are we forever doomed to movies with A-list celebrities and B-list storylines? I'm ready for this fun watch. The lines were funny, and the plot was entertaining enough.


I haven't really watched this show until now. I enjoy the situation humor. Favorite character: Elaine.

Hail Mary

Survive the Night

Super twisty, fun book. It's a great look at trauma, life events, and how they make us the way that they are. It's an interesting look into how things aren't always as they seem.

Animal, Vegetable, Junk

I expected this to be a look at healthy food. Instead, it was a very progressive, realistic view to how agriculture evolved from the caveman era into how it is today. It talks about everything from indiginous techniques, to modern US policies that created the foods we eat. I highly recommend this - it will make you skeptical about food policy, but will open your eyes to how the world can improve through change.