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What I'm Consuming, September 2021

Ted Lasso, Season 2

I guess a lot of the internet has said that this show is not as good as last season. It's not novel and new, but the story is just as good. There are relevant themes such as mental health. The Christmas episode is one of the best ever. As a fellow pushover, I related to the episode where Nathan has to command more authority.

Nine Perfect Strangers

The book was better, but the show is amusing. It was surprisingly well cast except for Kate Winslet. She's just not what I had imagined for the most important character.

F1: Drive to Survive, Season 2

This show and my coworkers have both turned me into an F1 person. This show got better in season 2 - they've focused on the intensity of this sport.

Never Have I Ever

Mindy Kaling is great. The quips and stories on this show are great. The story is a bit predictable, but it feels very relevant for society today. Davi, the main character, has a Liz Lemon but a teenager feel to her character. It's charming and funny.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Season 8

Last year, after the police protests and brutality incidents involving George Floyd and others, the cast decided to rethink things this season. There are more themes about doing what is right, the balance between communities and policing, and racism in policing. It's been nice, and the show is still really funny. I'm sure some will accuse the show of being too woke, but I think they found a good balance.