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What I'm Consuming, February 2021


It seems we know so little about Emily Dickenson's life. This show cleverly interprets her life through the poems published after her death. The show is a modern take on past events. It's feminist, funny, and witty. It doesn't take itself too seriously, as you can probably tell by the hip-hop music scattered throughout the show. Extra points for casting Wiz Khalifa as Death.

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

The Mormon community lit up at this show when it came out. The show definitely does not shy away from the effect of Mormons on Utah culture. We're not far, but it's hard for me to watch a bunch of 50 year old women party around. Update: didn't even make it through the first episode

Brooklyn 99

This would qualify as our second watch through. The show holds up well over time. It's a great mix of comedy, social issues, and a unit growing up together and reaching their goals.


It's like Downton Abbey, except it doesn't put me to sleep. Just skip the sex scenes, and the show is nice. It's fast paced and dramatic. There are characters to love and characters to hate.


RIP Alex Trebek. The last episode was ordinary, just like the others. It felt father appropriate.

In & Of Itself

This is a fantastic special on Hulu. I don't know how to describe this. It's a magic show, but biographical, but also very raw and human. It's excellently done, dramatic, and fascinating to watch.

If you watch the credits, you'll notice that Frank Oz is one of the producers of the show. Yes, this is the man that made Sesame Street and the Muppets. There's a recent episode of The Gist interviewing both Frank and Derek DelGaudio who made this special. I found it very insightful that we often look at Frank Oz as a masterful puppeteer, while ignoring all of the other aspects that it takes to do what he has done. The same goes for Derek, and that's a major point of this performance.